The descendants of
William 1768-1854 and Sarah 1771-1853 in Australia.

Summary chart of first two generations
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Summary tree of first three generations
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William and Sarah - Geoff Sykes' history

William Sykes (1768-1854) - an essay
Sarah Sykes (1771-1853) - an essay

Timeline and maps - timeline of Sykes family to 1850 and maps of the Spring Valley area.

Geoffrey Sykes


The word 'syke' means a spring or a fountain, thus the three circles on our heraldic shield are depicting fountains, the wavy lines representing water.
There are many coats of arms with fountains on them, but only the Sykes one with three lots of three. It seems symbolical that the district we all stemmed from is called Spring Valley. The ox on the crest is also a sign of animal breeders.

The motto "Quod facio valde facio" means "What I do, I do with Energy".